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Free Movies To Watch From

Want to watch movies but hate to pay expensive subscription fees? Or how about hating to line up at a movie house due to long queue it has? Well, there are a lot of ways to watch movies for free, legally. A lot of tricks and tips are rounding up the web. It is guaranteed safe, legal and most of all, it’s free. To start with, Netflix. Did you know that you can subscribe to Netflix for just one month and get the chance to binge watch every movies or TV series it has? Just create a new email address and use it to register. Voila! You now have 30 free days to watch everything you want.

Another one is Amazon Prime. Same with Netflix, it offers a free 30-day trial period to experience what they claim that, Amazon Prime has produced more award-winning show compared to its Netflix counter-part. Next is Crackle. It is absolutely free with lots of good contents to choose from. Except for one thing. You’ll have to watch advertisements. No membership required, only ads. Who could forget about YouTube. It has a lot of varieties to choose from and most of all, it will cost you nothing.

If you want to go premium aside from subscribing to Netflix, HBO Go is another alternative. They offer 7 days’ worth of trial. And if you opted to avail the one-year subscription, it will cost you yearly on an average price of $170. At least you get the chance to watch your favorite medieval theme TV show. And lastly is, Vudu. Right here at their website, not only you watch for free, you can rent or even buy movies for a very low price. Though its free movies give you advertisements, membership will cost you annually about $14.99.