/Easy Methods To Convert Long Videos To MP3

Easy Methods To Convert Long Videos To MP3

Are you watching a lot of videos online? On YouTube precisely. I’m sure you’ve watch some videos on YouTube. How often? Maybe daily or three times a week. And you’ve been itching to ask yourself; how can I convert these videos into an audio format? Considering that accessing YouTube website and playing videos―specially long videos―would eat a lot of megabytes of your internet; it could end up using all your daily allotted data to access the web. That would not be good if you have a metered connection.

Well there’s a way to minimize the consumption. What is it? Why not download the file in an mp3 format? It would be great to do so, because you’re not only able to save data to access the internet but you’ll also be able to access and play the downloaded file even without accessing to the network. I’ll give following tips to do that. Below are those.

First: Access the website – Open the installed browser in your computer. Open two tabs on it. Probably YouTube on one tab. On the other tab you can published here YouTube MP3 converter, should I say “open the website YouTube MP3 converter”. After being directed to the two websites follow the second procedure then.

Second: Open a video on YouTube―either long music video or short one. You will notice a change in the link or URL on the website. Note: the URL is located at the upper part portion of your bowser; e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQf1N9iU_Ds.

Third – Copy the URL of the video like the sample in this article. And paste the URL to the other website which is the second tab of your browser. Wait for it to complete loading. Download the converted file the after the load.

That’s the easy method to convert long videos to MP3. Adios mi amigo. I hope you’ve learn something from this article.