/Looking For A Long-Lasting Paint For Pavement Marking?

Looking For A Long-Lasting Paint For Pavement Marking?

The one thing that you will need from your pavement paint is it to be long-lasting. No one wants the hassle of painting the pavement again and again. It is important for you to note that the packaging of the paint you are purchasing has the words “Traffic Paint” written clearly on it. This is the kind of paint which is apt for pavement marking. Any other kind of paint can lead to early wear and peel off.

What are the different kinds of paints to consider?

  1. Water Based Paints

Water based pavement paints are the most eco-friendly option among all the types of paints available in the market. Because of their water base, these kinds of paints are also quite budget-friendly and dry quickly in warm weather. Moreover, water based paints are easy to clean. These kinds of paints are used to paint highways, parking lots and garages. However, if you’re living in a region with high humidity or in a cooler climate, water based paint might not be the best option for you to paint pavements.

  1. Aerosal Line Striping Paints

These are the most preferred types of paints when it comes to pavement painting. These paints come in canisters and deliver professional quality results. You need to determine the quantity of colors before you make the purchase. The common colors for pavement painting include white and yellow.

  1. Oil Based Paints

Because these paints are oil-soluble, these have some environmental implications, as a result of which these are banned for use in certain regions. If your region does not impose restrictions on using these paints, you can opt for these.

You can also have imprinted concrete slabs for your pavement. Average pret beton amprentat is around $8 per square foot.