/A List Of Some Of The Best Natural Weed Killers

A List Of Some Of The Best Natural Weed Killers

Dealing with weeds and unwanted plants in your lawn or garden is quite challenging. There are numerous ways to address this concern, but each one almost always has its own drawbacks. You can hand-dig out each weed down to its roots, but doing this everyday can be quite tiresome.

You can also use commercially available chemicals for weed-killing which are available in most garden stores. These chemicals can be effective in eradicating weeds from your soil but is harmful to humans if not used carefully. Thankfully, there are natural and safe ways you can employ for effective homemade weed control.

Here are some of the most effective natural weed killers you can use to remove these pesky, unwanted plants:

  • Classic boiling-hot water

Pour over a pot of boiling-hot water on areas with unwanted plants to slowly kill them off. One pouring may not be enough and a couple of repeats may be necessary, but this is one natural and effective way to deal with weeds in our garden, especially if you have plans on replanting on these areas. You can add a tablespoon of rock salt with your hot water for a more-effective weed-killing action.

  • Lay over layers of newspapers

This is a safe and natural way to slowly kill off weeds that even professional landscapers use. Newspapers will block off sun and air to prevent new weeds from growing and new seeds from germinating and forming.

  • Lemon juice

Fill a spray bottle with lemon juice and spray over thick, overgrown weeds to kill the leaves within a day or two. You can mix in a significant dose of vinegar for maximum acidity effect to efficiently kill off weeds from your lawn in a timely manner.

  • Homemade weed killer recipe

Spraying over a combination of vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid can effectively kill weeds growing off your precious lawn. Be careful, however, as this solution can also kill your plants and flowers. Make sure to spray on areas with just weeds or directly apply it to weeds to avoid accidentally killing off your other plants.