/3 Tips To Purchase Silver Jewelry

3 Tips To Purchase Silver Jewelry

Have you been eyeing silver jewelry designs online recently? Silver jewelry is more in trend these days compared to gold. Are you too planning to enhance your silver jewelry collection? It could be difficult to find ornaments made of highest quality of silver in the market. Here are some tips that will help you to purchase the best quality silver jewelry.

  • Be aware of the current market price

You need know the base rate at which silver is being sold in the market. Keep in mind that pure silver is pretty expensive. So if any store is selling silver jewelry in cheap rates (way cheaper than base price) then be sure that they are not made of pure silver -or could even be a fake. An original piece of silver along with the crafts men charges will cost you somewhere near to the base price in the market.

  • Buy from a genuine store

It would be smarter to get your silver jewelry from an offline store rather than getting from an online store. Talking to the seller one-on-one will be helpful for you to decide if you want to buy from him or not. You can question the seller with whatever questions you have to judge the authenticity of the piece. Also you can design jewelry as per your wish. If you like some designs online and you cannot wait to buy it, then make sure you buy from a genuine store. A reputed store with long line of happy customers is a credible platform to buy from.

  • Hallmarks

Original silver jewelries will always have certain markings mentioned on them. Fine silver will usually have tiny marking mentioned which cannot be seen with naked eye. You need magnifying glasses and bright light to be able to see them. If you have STERLING or .925 mentioned in your silver jewelry, you can be assured that you have genuine silver in your hands.

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