/4 proven Anti-Aging Treatments you may go for

4 proven Anti-Aging Treatments you may go for

Are you looking for effective anti-aging treatment to get back that lost youthful glow? Now, quick search on the internet will reveal to you umpteen numbers of anti-aging treatments. But, not all are viable and safe for you. You should only opt for research and doctor-backed and clinically proven anti-aging treatments here.


Microneedling is great for reducing fine lines, acne scars as well as enlarged pores. The good part is this treatment is compatible with all kinds of skin types. Microneedling is performed with 8 to 12 needles which are penetrated into the skin dermal layer. It is done to cause injury to the skin repeatedly so that your body can begin a healing process. Now, this healing process leads to formation of new collagen which helps to maintain elasticity and smoothness of skin.

PRT (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy)

As the name says, this anti-aging treatment is performed with plasma and rewards you with glowing youthful skin. It’s to stress here, plasma boosts growth in the body. The treatment starts with extraction of plasma  which is later injected in damaged or sagging areas of the body that have been experiencing lost elasticity or volume. The process is done after microneedling.

According to doctors, PRT is not only a highly effective treatment but also the safest one.

Fractional resurfacing

You have another highly effective anti-aging treatment here which utilizes ultrasound energy and radio frequency to tighten up as well as remodel skin’s deeper layers. In fact, fractional resurfacing is a wonderful way to rejuvenate skin tone and texture. The treatment further leads to production of collagen and elastic and even lessens signs caused by sun damage.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

The treatment uses IPL rays which penetrate the patient’s skin and get absorbed by blood vessels. It eventually helps to achieve lesser visible pores and better even tone.

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