/4 Simple Holiday Gifts That Keeps Your Data Secured

4 Simple Holiday Gifts That Keeps Your Data Secured

In this digital age, we’re all at risk from getting hacks and data breaches. We have viruses that can track down our every movement and steal our passwords and other information. We have hackers that get into our system and delete our files. Worse, there are attacks that completely shut down your PC every time you try to use it. The digital age may be convenient but it sure poses a lot of security hazards that can get quite annoying to keep up when you’re not tech savvy.

But don’t fret! You can protect yourself and your loved ones by giving gifts this holiday season that help them keep their files and data secure. Help them protect their own personal files with these gifts below:

Webcam Cover

You might be surprised to find out that hackers can control your webcam if you’re not careful. You may have left your laptop on around your house and hackers can turn them on, recording your every move. This is very dangerous and your webcam settings must be turned off by default to ensure this doesn’t happen.

But adding an extra layer of security shouldn’t hurt. Webcam covers are affordable and available in tech stores online. These covers can help hide your webcams from unwelcome prowlers trying to see through your camera. These designs are ultra-thin as well so it matches with your laptop’s sleek design.


Do you keep your flash drives and keys in one keychain holder? If you do, what happens when you lose them? Not only are the keys to your house or car are lost, but someone might get a hold of your files in your flash drive as well. Locks can be replaced but your personal information can’t be changed.

To avoid this, invest in a GPS or Bluetooth tracker for your items. This lets you know where they’re located in the vicinity so in case you lose them, you can still find them.

Thumb Drives

The best way to hide your thumb drives is to make it look like they’re not thumb drives. Buy bracelet thumb drives or ones that are embedded into pens so they don’t look like regular drives. Hide them in plain sight without them being distinguishable so no one will know where you hide your data.


This might not be a hi-tech item but they keep your tech in check. Lanyards are a way for you to attach your flash drives, keys, or even your phone. This way, you can carry them around with you. Lanyards are customizable which makes them an even ideal gift. You can also carry them around your neck rather than in your pocket where it might fall out.

All these gifts are available on Singapore’s online giftmarket. With a click of a button you can order these items and have them delivered to your doorstep. These are gifts your family and friends will love and will greatly appreciate. Most of all, these are gifts that will help them keep their data and all their private information secure from attacks.

David Berin is a graduate of Multi-Media Arts in the University of Caloocan and Laguna. He started working as a digital marketer in different media companies.