/5 Boxing Workouts For Rocking Abs

5 Boxing Workouts For Rocking Abs

Boxing is an intense sport which requires equally intense workout and training. An interesting fact is you don’t necessarily need to be a pro boxer to achieve those chiseling abs. You can simply inculcate boxing training exercises in your workout regime to get those rocking abs. Playing online games like Bandar Bola can be food for your brain, but boxing workouts can contribute to your entire physical health. Below are 5 amazing boxing exercises which you can do for building abs.

Sit ups with punches

General sit-ups are great exercises to build core muscles. When you include 1-2 punches during the same, you only add more intensity to your workout. You need to involve your core and abdominal muscles for this workout, while keeping your feet planted throughout.

Bicycle crunches

These exercises are also great to work on stability of core muscles. Bicycle crunches strengthen the abdominal muscles and are awesome to build abs. You should do 10-20 crunches at a time, take rest and then repeat.

Side plank dips

This exercise is inevitable in a boxing training as it helps build a boxer’s core endurance and stability, as well as strengthens his shoulder girdle. You can include this workout in your regular exercise routine to focus on building abs. Remember to hold the position for 30-60 seconds as you raise your abs and hips above the ground.

Chin ups

This is an excellent strength training exercise and is a must to include in your workout routine if you wish to build abs. All you need to do is kick your legs up as you pull yourself up, as this activity further contributes in building abs.

T Push ups

This exercise also works on your core strength apart from the shoulders. For this, you need to raise the side arms alternatively as you push yourself up.

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