/7 Creative Ways Brands Are Regularly Using Polls In Instagram Stories!

7 Creative Ways Brands Are Regularly Using Polls In Instagram Stories!

Instagram is one of the most interesting and popular social media on the internet today after Facebook. About 50% of the population of the world is on Instagram.

One of the special features of Instagram is putting on stories that only stay up for 24 hours and are used by at least everybody. Brands today use social media as the best place for marketing.

Hence, Instagram stories are used by these brands as polls to advertise strongly.

The first rule of marketing as by momentology and many others is that it attracts as many viewers and you can. The more intrigued the audience gets, the more advantages you get in the case of popularity.

Innovation and creativity is the heart of success. Brands have to be peculiar in their choices while posting stories.

If you don’t know how to do it, then here it is:

  • Ask the people

Use a voting poll to ask the answers from the people. This will be advantageous in two ways:

  1. You get to know the clear demands and needs of the audience.
  2. You certainly would attract more audience.
  • Percentage voting

People love to see numbers rather than a yes or no. Brands can get popularity when they become the talk of the town.

  • Research

If you are in the food business, you could know what has been the best Chinese food in town by putting on options. This would make the audience happy as they will notice your concern.

  • Show off your stuff

Don’t shy away to show what you have. Put your quotation or catalogue to spread awareness of your brand.

  • Price

Put the price of your products on the stories to let know what you serve. Ask people if they are comfortable with it.

Innovation is not limited. More ideas can be generated. If you feel you have to get the best out of your investment, do prefer to use polls in the Instagram stories and be a brand in the market.

David Berin is a graduate of Multi-Media Arts in the University of Caloocan and Laguna. He started working as a digital marketer in different media companies.