/A Brief Overview On Best Esports International Tournaments – WCG, ESWC And WEG

A Brief Overview On Best Esports International Tournaments – WCG, ESWC And WEG

Esports, also known as Electronic sports or eSports is a type of competition involving various kinds of video games. These competitions are mostly multiplayer games between professionals. One can participate in these games either individually or by being a part of team. Popular games included in eSports are Dota 2, Smite, Call of Duty, Counter strike etc. Streaming websites such as YouTube and Twitch have led to its exponential growth over time. These competitions are mostly held in South Korea, North America, China and some parts of Europe. X3E is a leading tournament platform for eSports games. If one is looking to organize an esports tournament with X3E s/he must be aware of the various eSports competitions being held round the world.

Here is a brief on the top eSports international tournaments.

WCG: World Cyber Games a.k.a WCG used to be the biggest electronic sports competition to be held each year. Taking inspiration from the Olympics, it used to be held at a different country every year but has been cancelled since 2014. Top players from across the globe used to gather together to partake in the event and compete for a huge sum of money. WCG was sponsored by Microsoft and Samsung.

ESWC: Short for Electronic Sport World Cup, it was founded in the year 2003. It’s initial games were held at France. This competition had gamers participating in unique games with a live audience, broadcasting and commentary. Due to financial strain ESWC has changed hands of quite a few franchises and is now co-produced by Oxtent.

WEG: WEG or World eSports Games was founded way back in 2004 in Seoul. It held its first 3 competitions in South Korea. Later on, the competition came to be renamed as “World eSports Masters” or “WEM”. In 2008, it moved to China where the competition was held. This competition involves playing of Counter-strike by many teams and the winners are handsomely rewarded. It is still being held every year. In fact, OnGameNet is known to be the current rights holder to the WEG or now WEM franchise.


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