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Best Online Horse Games

Many children are engrossed by horses and with good reason. They are a beautiful animal and deserve so much respect. Many children would love to have that pony for a gift but will never receive it. If you have a horse lover in your home and this sounds familiar then I have a solution to help smooth it over. For more horse racing games you can have a look at Situs Judi Bola Resmi. You get many games that are realated to horse racing and other stuff. Your kids will definitely enjoy these games. In this article we will explore five websites that will help foster your horse lovers desires without all that other stuff.

This is an awesome website in which your horse lover creates an avatar and then becomes responsible for their own virtual horses. The website offers horse shows, games, and so much more. You are given a couple of horses and you must care for them. You can also acquire dogs but am not quite sure how that works as of yet. When you enter horse shows you win coins which can be used for items to care for your horse. A very cool and fun website.

This website has several games available for free. Some games included are Mad Minis, Lemonade Stall, and Barrel Blast. Mad Minis is based upon miniature horse and they want to take over the world unless you give them treats. In Lemonade Stall, you sell lemonade at a horse show. You must keep your prices and customers in a happy medium. In Barrel Blast, you are a barrel racer trying to win first place.

This website has 11 different games available for horse lovers. It has a Barbie horse game, a strawberry shortcake game, and a dress-up game. This site is better for those who are under the age of 13. It is very user friendly.

This website offers several games and many are spinoffs of classic games such as, concentration and a maze game. They took these classics and changed them into horse classics. These games can be played alone or with a friend!

This website offers 7 different games for the horse lover. The games are horse rancher, horsey, charger escape, horse racing, stay the distance, show jumping, and barrels. This is also a very user friendly site.

There are plenty of games available out there that appeal to horse lovers of all ages. I can only hope that you are able to find at least one game that appeals to your horse lover.

All games are free and may require sign-up in order to play. I know that horseland does require you to sign-up with them before you are able to play but all the other games are simply available for play with the required plug-ins or flashplayer.


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