/Can we use CBD for a pet? Is it safe?

Can we use CBD for a pet? Is it safe?

CBD is a popular medication belonging from the family of cannabinoid and is also known as cannabidiol; this chemical is found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis is known for the high effect it gives to the consumer, but now various health benefits have been discovered from it. CBD products are derived from the same plant but don’t make the person high because it doesn’t contain THC; the primary chemical which is responsible for the high effect it causes. Now various CBD products for pets such as cbd dogs oil drops and many more are available with different benefits.

How to ensure the safety of your pets while using CBD?


Owners must check the quality of the CBD they are going to purchase for their pets. The best way to check the quality is to check the certification of the product. The products must have a proper legal certificate, and you must check the amount of THC in the product as you should give only those CBD products to pets that have zero percentage of THC. Excellent and reliable CBD brands will have proper certification for their products.

Select the CBD with nano-sized microemulsion

There are different qualities of CBD present in the market, and their effects vary according to their quality. So, you must choose the CBD product for your pet which includes nano-sized microemulsion as it is the most suitable and most beneficial. There are three types of the emulsion; nano-sized emulsion, liposomal emulsion, and standard emulsion. You can choose any of the nano-sized and liposomal emulsion but avoid using standard emulsion as it has a lousy absorption.


You should try to choose the CBD with a minimal percentage of THC in it has adverse effects on the body and the mind of the pet. THC is the chemical in marijuana that gives the feeling of high when we consume it, and a human’s body and dog’s body react differently to THC.

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