/Diy Ideas To Make Your Own Glasses Case

Diy Ideas To Make Your Own Glasses Case

For the guy or girl who is into decorating pretty much anything you have and adding your personal touch to them, as well as wearing glasses too, then why not decorate your own glasses case? You can add your flair and the signature design on it, especially those hard cases ones for your prescription glasses. Anyways, having troubles on what kinds of design you want to add to your glasses case? Then we have here some tips to get you to start working on it.

Know Yourself And What You Want

Of course, how can you show out and apply your self in decorating it when you don’t know what you like right? Do you like music? Then what genre do you tune at the most? You can base your design on this too. You can also base your hobby as a medium in designing it too. Sports team logo, favorite game (online or sports) or whatever you want, you can apply it as a design on your Brillenkoker. Remember, What you can think and imagine is the only limitation of your creativity.

Materials To Be Used

In this aspect, it also depends on you too. You can use any materials lying around in your home, like beads and so on. If you feel lacking, you can go to the nearest craft store and get yourself some drawing pens, paints, other beads and so on. As mentioned earlier, whatever design you may think of, it can be possible, and it only depends on your imagination too.


Designing your glasses case, or pretty much anything you own needs dedication, imagination, creativity, and hard work to attain your desired outcome. For those who need more “creativity” for their project, you can search “Glasses case designs, “and surely you will get tons of references for it.

David Berin is a graduate of Multi-Media Arts in the University of Caloocan and Laguna. He started working as a digital marketer in different media companies.