/Does Planted Aquarium Require Heating Element In Them?

Does Planted Aquarium Require Heating Element In Them?

The aquarium temperature matters a lot to when it comes to comfort and well living of your fish. As the humans and all mammals the fish also cannot produce heat from there body on their own, they are dependent on the temperature of the water or the surroundings.

So if you have planted aquarium and tropical fish in it, you also need to install the heater to keep your pet safe inside the aquarium.

Get numerous heater for your lovely swimmer

Get the best heater according to your preference for your lovely pet in the aquarium. There numerous type of heater for the aquarium. Best of them are listed down:

  • Hanging heater:

The hanging heater is designed to hang at the side of the aquarium the same way as the filter hangs on the side. This allows more room or space for you fish to swim around and also keep the temperature of water suitable.

  • Inline heaters:

Thus heater is also installed outside the aquarium. They are attached at the downstream from the water pump. The water pumps into the filter first and then into the heater so the water gets heated before it enters the tank.

Read the review before you make your choice

It is important to know about something you are going to buy and especially when it is considered with someone’s life. So before going to buy any heater for the aquarium get to know that is it suitable for the fish you have in your aquarium or for the moss in the aquarium. The moss also gives a big impact on the environment of the tank. Get the java moss balls to make the aquarium more comfortable and enhance its beauty. The java moss does not get affected frequently with the heaters so make your choice wisely.

Here are some simple tips to take care of aquatic plants for you to try!

I am assuming you know that the size and type of the plant matter a lot, and these things determine how you need to take care of the plants. Not only they help you provide a natural environment to the fishes but also their bright color and texture enlightens and beatifies your aquarium and the respective place significantly.

When you plant it in the tank, make sure you take it out from its container sincerely while not damaging the roots. With some care, you will have to put it firmly in the tank. The general plants like mosses and grass are light in weight, so make sure you put a little pressure on them to weight them down and let their roots develop in the soil. On the other hand, ferns require much more attention and care that these. If you are a busy person, you should get stemmed plants or potted plants.

All you need to make sure that you protect the root from any damage and if the gravity very much attracts the top part of the plant, keep it erect and make it stand straight with the help of some cotton thread or fishing wire.

Lastly, to maintain the growth, it is a must for you to check whether it fits perfectly in the tank without any hotchpotch. For that, you need to trim them regularly. Make sure you fish likes the plant too (:

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