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Eve Online Survival

Eve Online is a massive mmorpg. There are thousands of players online at the same time all the time. Unlike other mmorp’s there are no restrictions for players attacking other players, other than Concord, which is the game systems police group. There are also different security levels throughout the Eve universe, from high security, with Concord, to low security where anything goes. Players getting killed by other players is part of the game, that is why there are clones so that your character can retain what you have learned, other than your ship that gets wrecked.

Generally there are two options for conflicts in Eve Online, you can either fight or you can run. Depending on the other players ship and skill you may be able to stay and fight. These are about the only two options you have, which ever option you implement is up to you, whether how effectively you do either one is up to the other player.

When fighting you must consider multiple important factors. The first one being what ship you are flying, if you are in a frigate class ship and getting attacked by a cruiser class ship you really should not even think about fighting. The next thing is how long the other player has been playing Eve Online, I seem to use this more than other methods for choosing fights, and that is to check their employment history. Employment history will tell you when they graduated their academy, which is to say when they started playing Eve Online. If that player started before I joined I do not pick the fight. The reason for this is simple, in Eve Online you learn skills which take real life time, therefore if they have been playing longer than me they have more skills, high skills are what kill people then comes the equipment. Then there are situations where the attacking ship may be a larger Dreadnaught or Titan ship that is slow but so powerful that swatting you would be simple. If you happen to be in a very fast ship you can outrun their guns, but only in some instances. Of course these tricks do not only apply to the defending character but also to those who wish to pick fights. Staying and fighting seems to be the last choice of the mass population of Eve Online. If you have tried to play agen judi bola, you’ll definitely consider that this game is a good factor to consider.

The most popular option that seems to be taken is to run away as fast as possible. There is a large understanding that “not fighting” seems to always be the more advantageous option no mater the situation. When you get your ship wrecked you lose that ship and all the things that where fitted to it. This can run into the billions of in isk depending on the ship and fittings. It takes not only money to replace your ship and fittings but also time, especially since one station may not carry every fitting that your want or need. The other possibility is that once your ship is wrecked you may bet “podded” or killed while in the escape pod. Being podded can be the worst thing especially if your clone is not up to date. That being said, keep your clone up to date, its costly but it keeps the skills that you have trained and remember skills are what makes or breaks a player. The cost of lost skills is never worth the time, not to mention the cost of the new clone.

So the simplest option is to run, in Eve Online its not always a cowards move but a strategic option which is often employed. But be warned sometimes even running is hard or next to impossible, this all depends on your ship, your fittings, your enemies ship and their fittings. If they can tackle you or web you into one spot getting away gets that much harder. This simple reason of being stuck in combat is where the faster ships really shine, the faster ships even when loosing 60% of their speed will have a higher speed than those slower ships losing 60%. There are many factors in Eve Online and they all effect each other, once you get the hang of the system its not hard even if you never know the exact math going into the hit percentages. Just remember running may not pay in Eve Online, but it sure does save time and money.

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