/Expert Tips To Buy A Treadmill For Home

Expert Tips To Buy A Treadmill For Home

Are you planning to buy a treadmill for your home gym of late? It could be that you have no time to rush to the gym or morning jog. And hence you want to workout indoors only in your free time. That’s great and here is a brief on how to buy best treadmills for home.

Mind the horsepower

The motor of the treadmill is the lifeblood of the machine. Thus, you should always check its capacity (read CHP) before you choose a machine for your home gym. If you have plans for occasional run on treadmill, you can go for a treadmill with 1.5 CHP. But if you are planning frequent runs, count on equipments with 2.5-3.0 CHP.

Check belt size & cushioning

Look for a treadmill that can assure a minimum 48” long as well as 18” wide belt. But, you have to take care of your height as well while checking the belt size. For example, if the user is around 6 ft tall, he should get a treadmill with 52” belt for walk as well as 54” for run.

Besides, make sure, the treadmill bed is shock-absorbent.

Speed & incline

Your treadmill should be able to go up till at least 10 mph.

In regards to incline, only settle with those treadmills that can go up till minimum 10%.

Space issues

Is space a problem in your home? Well, don’t worry, these days you have folding treadmills that you can easily slide under tables or beds after use.


The best treadmills in the market assure lifetime warranty. If you are not getting a lifetime warranty, go for a one that promises at least 10 years of warranty.

Check reviews

Don’t just go for the first treadmill you come across online. You should spend time to check the reviews of various models before investing in a one.

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