/Facebook Announces IPhone Camera App

Facebook Announces IPhone Camera App

In a move anticipated and expected by most industry observers, Facebook has announced the launch of a camera/photo-taking app, appropriately named, Facebook Camera, the Associated Press is reporting via Bloomberg Business Week. The move was expected because Facebook spent a billion dollars on Instagram, an app that does the same thing. What’s surprising says the Telegraph, is the speed with which Facebook has taken advantage of what Instagram has to offer. Facebook’s announcement was more of a show than a tell, as no official word was released by the company. Instead, the company simply made the app available to the iTunes store and shortly thereafter, plans to do the same with the Android store giving non-Apple Smartphone users the same kind of service.

Newsday explains the point of the app is to save customers’ steps when posting photographs to their page on Facebook. Instead of having to take a picture, save it to the phone, log into Facebook and then post, the app allows users to post a picture to their page as soon as they have taken it, saving both time and some work. Another reason for hurrying the application the Telegraph says is because Facebook felt the need to outpace Pinterest, a rival picture posting app, which could swipe some of Facebook’s revenue if users begin using it instead of a Facebook app to post their pictures to the leading social networking site.

Newsday says that Facebook Camera wasn’t actually developed by Instagram but uses technology that is so similar that the company had to buy the company in order to prevent being sued for copyright infringement, and that was how it was able to deliver the app so quickly. Proof they say is the fact that the sale hasn’t officially been completed yet, which means Facebook hasn’t yet gained access to Instagram developer code.

The Telegraph says that the new app, which is free to download, allows users to post multiple pictures at once if they choose, and also has other standard features such as photo editing and tagging. One major difference between the Facebook app and Instagram, however, is that the Facebook app works only with Facebook, whereas Instagram worked with a variety of social networking sites. Thus, once the sale is complete, users that have been using Instagram to post to other sites will be out of luck unless Facebook decides to allow Instagram to exist in its present form as a separate product. To know more features of real instagram video views click here. It is an easy way to get going on Instagram quickly. You get more activity on your videos which is going to make your profile more visible on Instagram.

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