/Fighting Games: Popular On Pc Rather Than Consoles

Fighting Games: Popular On Pc Rather Than Consoles

Through the aide of technology, online games can now be accessed and played anytime and anywhere. This is through the advancement of different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and others. This provides convenience to gamers to play their favorite video games at their convenience. However, despite the accessibility of online games to portable devices like mobile phones or laptops, some game categories like fighting games are still popular to the traditional gaming platform of consoles. But what is the reason for that? To answer that question, this article will give you some reasons why fighting games are not popular on Pc than on consoles.

Fighting Games are Console Exclusives

According to experts, fighting games were initially intended to be played on consoles rather than Pcs. This perhaps is one of the main reasons why fighting games aren’t that popular on Pc compared to consoles. Since fighting games are exclusive for consoles, there are some features and gaming system that a regular computer can’t perform.

Not All Pcs are Made for Gaming

Another reason why fighting games are not popular on pcs rather than consoles is because not all computers are designed for gaming. But all consoles are definitely designed for gaming. Talking about the operating system of a computer, there is a minimum requirement in the overall system. Hence, when used and downloaded with high data software like fighting games that have high level of system requirements, the PC tends to overheat and lose its function.

Console Controllers

Lastly, gamers always go for a device that would give them convenience more than anything else. As such, through the invention of fighting sticks and pads in console, players tend to use such platform to play their favorite game on pokerqq.

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