/Here’s What Makes Wet Cat Food Better Than The Dry One

Here’s What Makes Wet Cat Food Better Than The Dry One

When it comes to cat food, the age old debate of wet vs. dry is still on. While some believe wet cat food can lead to tooth decay, others consider dry food to be dehydrating for their kitty. As per the various pet studies, there is actually very small difference found in the oral health of cats that feed on dry food compared to the ones who eat wet food.

Not all dry foods are made in the same way and only the ones which come with the seal of Veterinary Oral Health Council have clinically shown helping in dental health of pets. Preventive oral care is the ideal way of keeping your cat’s oral hygiene in check. However, more and more pet parents are switching from dry food to wet food because of various health advantages.

Benefits of Wet Food

  • Wet food has higher moisture contents that helps in keeping the cat hydrated. It is very important for the cats to get hydration and dry food alone can’t do it alone.
  • Wet food often appeals more to the finicky eaters so, the chances of your cat throwing tantrums is reduced.
  • Due to the high moisture content, wet food also helps in lowering the risks of urinary tract problems. Feline hydration is crucial for the wellbeing of vitality of cats. Water helps keeping the kidneys free from impurities. If the cat doesn’t get enough water, this cleaning process might break down. This may lead to bacterial infections and crystal formation in urine. If such conditions are left untreated, it can prove to be fatal.

Some of the cat food varieties that often make to the list of Top 10 Best Cat Dry and Wet Cat Food: A Buyer’s Guide (2019) are Hills Science, Blue Wilderness, Purina Cat, and so on.

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