/How Does The Law Protect The Victim And Charges The Suspect In A Sexual Assault Case?

How Does The Law Protect The Victim And Charges The Suspect In A Sexual Assault Case?

A crime is something that happens because of negative thinking of a person or group and adversely affects some other person or community. Serious actions should be taken to stop this and to keep the interest of the public in law. Different people have a different perspective; therefore, to judge both the sides that are of accused and the criminal appeal lawyer in Philadelphia.  There are lawyers to represent their side of the story. The judge evaluates and analyzes both perspectives and then announces the result. This is the fair practice of decision making.

Both the survivor and the suspect can have two outcomes in decision making! These are:

 Winning the case:

When a party wins the case, it means that they are proved innocent and were the one who suffered the misery. Their interest is protected and defense by the lawyer. Also, the guilty ones are punished by the law to do justice with the victim.

  • Losing the case:

When the other party failed the trials and proved guilty, they have to pay for their wrongful actions. This payment can be of any form depending on the sensitivity of the case. The amount can either be in the form of charges that put the suspect in jail along with huge fines.

Sexual assault is not something whose effects on the victim can ever be reversed. No matter how intensely the criminal gets punished, the trauma of the abused person stays the same. Lives of people, after such cases, change completely and get ruined. Anyhow, they were the people who managed to gather the courage to report for the assault and got justice. This is what we all need to do, raise voice if something wrong is happening to us or others in front of us.

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