Investment banking is a business that requires a high level of security. Sensitive and confidential documents come in and out of businesses such as these. And with the continuing change in technological advances, investment banking business must adapt. This includes transitioning from traditional document format to digital ones.

And If this transition is made, there a sure need for a secure space to store these documents safely. That’s where virtual data rooms come into play. Much like a physical data room for traditional documents, virtual data rooms provide a secure online database for sensitive and confidential files that can be accessed by and shared within pre-approved individuals. This makes sure that sensitive transactions by investment banking companies, such as mergers and acquisition, is as secure as possible.

But what do virtual data rooms have to have in order for investment bankers to consider their service? Here are some features investment banking companies look for based on best dataroom reviews:

Watermark feature

The main reason investment bankers invest in virtual data rooms is the supposed security it provides in handling digital files, especially during important transactions. One way virtual data room providers do this is by adding watermark to documents being uploaded into the private database.

Though this does not prevent actual unauthorized access and possible leakage of sensitive info, it will serve as a deterrent as documents leaked from these virtual data rooms will have watermarks that allows for the culprit to be easily traced.

Email In feature

Aside from security, one feature most investment banking companies look for is convenience, whether in uploading, downloading, or sharing important files within the database. Email is considered one of the staple means of communication in the corporate world, and the ability to send and upload documents through email. With most, if not all, smartphones nowadays can send emails, this makes the managing of files and documents much more convenient.

David Berin is a graduate of Multi-Media Arts in the University of Caloocan and Laguna. He started working as a digital marketer in different media companies.