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Eve Online Survival

Eve Online is a massive mmorpg. There are thousands of players online at the same time all the time. Unlike other mmorp’s there are no restrictions for players attacking other players, other than Concord, which is the game systems police group. There are also different security levels throughout the Eve universe, from high security, with Concord, to low security where anything goes. Players getting killed by other players is part of the game, that is why there are clones so that your character can retain what you have learned, other than your ship that gets wrecked.

Generally there are two options for conflicts in Eve Online, you can either fight or you can run. Depending on the other players ship and skill you may be able to stay and fight. These are about the only two options you have, which ever option you implement is up to you, whether how effectively you do either one is up to the other player.

When fighting you must consider multiple important factors. The first one being what ship you are flying, if you are in a frigate class ship and getting attacked by a cruiser class ship you really should not even think about fighting. The next thing is how long the other player has been playing Eve Online, I seem to use this more than other methods for choosing fights, and that is to check their employment history. Employment history will tell you when they graduated their academy, which is to say when they started playing Eve Online. If that player started before I joined I do not pick the fight. The reason for this is simple, in Eve Online you learn skills which take real life time, therefore if they have been playing longer than me they have more skills, high skills are what kill people then comes the equipment. Then there are situations where the attacking ship may be a larger Dreadnaught or Titan ship that is slow but so powerful that swatting you would be simple. If you happen to be in a very fast ship you can outrun their guns, but only in some instances. Of course these tricks do not only apply to the defending character but also to those who wish to pick fights. Staying and fighting seems to be the last choice of the mass population of Eve Online. If you have tried to play agen judi bola, you’ll definitely consider that this game is a good factor to consider.

The most popular option that seems to be taken is to run away as fast as possible. There is a large understanding that “not fighting” seems to always be the more advantageous option no mater the situation. When you get your ship wrecked you lose that ship and all the things that where fitted to it. This can run into the billions of in isk depending on the ship and fittings. It takes not only money to replace your ship and fittings but also time, especially since one station may not carry every fitting that your want or need. The other possibility is that once your ship is wrecked you may bet “podded” or killed while in the escape pod. Being podded can be the worst thing especially if your clone is not up to date. That being said, keep your clone up to date, its costly but it keeps the skills that you have trained and remember skills are what makes or breaks a player. The cost of lost skills is never worth the time, not to mention the cost of the new clone.

So the simplest option is to run, in Eve Online its not always a cowards move but a strategic option which is often employed. But be warned sometimes even running is hard or next to impossible, this all depends on your ship, your fittings, your enemies ship and their fittings. If they can tackle you or web you into one spot getting away gets that much harder. This simple reason of being stuck in combat is where the faster ships really shine, the faster ships even when loosing 60% of their speed will have a higher speed than those slower ships losing 60%. There are many factors in Eve Online and they all effect each other, once you get the hang of the system its not hard even if you never know the exact math going into the hit percentages. Just remember running may not pay in Eve Online, but it sure does save time and money.

Review: Conquer Online MMORPG

So you’re looking for an online game, but products such as World of Warcraft do not interest you or just take up too much space. You can always choose to play something as simple as Bandarqq. You’re browsing for other games, and you come across Conquer Online, which appears to be marketed as the best game on the web, with many quests and ways to have fun. Do not get sucked in too fast, however, because the game is full of flaws.

Let us start out with the graphics of the game. Everything is 2D, meaning all characters are basically flat and very boring. The skills are pretty plain and there is not much complication to the game. Every skill you use in the game is basically a right click of the mouse. The only hard part about these skills is the fact that some are really hard, almost impossible to train, and there is absolutely no fun to it at all. When it comes to the graphics and skill training, I give this game a 2/5 stars.

Now lets get into questing and NPC interaction. Now I understand that this game is supposed to be based on chinese culture and whatnot, the NPC’s do not speak english very well. You will occasionally talk to an NPC that says such things as “Make Bald”, which basically means you want your character to have a shaved head. Obviously this is broken english. Questing on the game is really boring and usually involves jumping or running all over the map looking for other NPC’s to talk to. When it comes to questing and NPC interaction, I give the game a 1/5 stars.

Now one of the most important things you need to know about, leveling. Leveling is boring as well in this game because you do the same thing over and over. For example, with the melee classes, you just click a monster and watch yourself whack away at it with your weapon of choice. When the monster is dead, you click another monster. Repeat this for several hours. When it comes to leveling, I give this game a 2/5 stars, because the first half of leveling isn’t bad, but leveling in the higher levels is very boring.

Finally, a fun part to the game. This server is open PK, which means you can kill players on any open map besides the “noobie” maps such as Twin City. This is your chance to prove how good your gear and skills are. For carefree pking, it’s suggested to go to jail or the PK arena. If you do decide to PK people outside, there are consequences, and you could go red or black and drop equipment if killed. When it comes to the PK system, I give the game a 5/5 stars, because of its expanded guild war system and ability to PK others where you want.

So by now you should have a good overlook of the game and what you should expect when you log on. Personally, I like the game. If you have patience and you can level your character, it will pay off when it comes time for you to PK and attend guild war.

Best Online Horse Games

Many children are engrossed by horses and with good reason. They are a beautiful animal and deserve so much respect. Many children would love to have that pony for a gift but will never receive it. If you have a horse lover in your home and this sounds familiar then I have a solution to help smooth it over. For more horse racing games you can have a look at Situs Judi Bola Resmi. You get many games that are realated to horse racing and other stuff. Your kids will definitely enjoy these games. In this article we will explore five websites that will help foster your horse lovers desires without all that other stuff.

This is an awesome website in which your horse lover creates an avatar and then becomes responsible for their own virtual horses. The website offers horse shows, games, and so much more. You are given a couple of horses and you must care for them. You can also acquire dogs but am not quite sure how that works as of yet. When you enter horse shows you win coins which can be used for items to care for your horse. A very cool and fun website.

This website has several games available for free. Some games included are Mad Minis, Lemonade Stall, and Barrel Blast. Mad Minis is based upon miniature horse and they want to take over the world unless you give them treats. In Lemonade Stall, you sell lemonade at a horse show. You must keep your prices and customers in a happy medium. In Barrel Blast, you are a barrel racer trying to win first place.

This website has 11 different games available for horse lovers. It has a Barbie horse game, a strawberry shortcake game, and a dress-up game. This site is better for those who are under the age of 13. It is very user friendly.

This website offers several games and many are spinoffs of classic games such as, concentration and a maze game. They took these classics and changed them into horse classics. These games can be played alone or with a friend!

This website offers 7 different games for the horse lover. The games are horse rancher, horsey, charger escape, horse racing, stay the distance, show jumping, and barrels. This is also a very user friendly site.

There are plenty of games available out there that appeal to horse lovers of all ages. I can only hope that you are able to find at least one game that appeals to your horse lover.

All games are free and may require sign-up in order to play. I know that horseland does require you to sign-up with them before you are able to play but all the other games are simply available for play with the required plug-ins or flashplayer.


Play The Coupon Game To Save Money

Playing the coupon game has become very popular. The coupon game involves merchants offering the best coupons to buyers to entice them to buy from their store instead of their competitors shop. With the US economy in trouble, people are looking for ways to save money in a time of financial uncertainty. Playing the coupon game can be rewarding for both buyers and sellers. Online coupon codes are becoming ever more popular. Online merchants play a big part in the coupon game. As buyers shop the internet to find the best price for the items that they are purchasing, retailers know that an offer of free shipping or a 10 percent off coupon may help get a sale from a customer who otherwise may buy from an online competitor.

Using coupons can often save you money this holiday season. During Christmas season, every day I receive at least 5 to 10 coupon offers from online retailers that or hoping to win the coupon game and get more sales. Some online stores will send me an email everyday with a different coupon offer. Email subject lines I received recently contained text such as:

25 % off any clothing item if you buy within the next two days.

$10 off your next $50 purchase.

Free shipping if your order this week.

$25 free gift card with a $100 purchase.

Extra 25% off Select Apparel! TODAY ONLY.

Private Sale – Rewarding up to $200 instantly.

50% off All 2008 Products.

First month is free when you rejoin.

Special Purchases, Enjoy Exceptional Savings: Up to $550 off Select Products.

This holiday shop and send gifts online.

Shop Doorbusters/2-Day Sale, Friday to Sunday.

Friends  amp; Family Enjoy 25% Off.

This game coupon feels like I was playing ninjaqq. I was really eager to win and get the reward. But before that, I have to play skillfully and wisely first.

Each email offer usually requires a buyer to enter a coupon code. The coupon game is a way for retailers to offer merchandise at lower prices without competing directly on price with their competitors. Retailers often wish to avoid a direct price war and therefore the coupon game is a great alternative for bargain hunting online shoppers.

Smart shoppers benefit from the coupon game by saving a few dollars here and there. Most internet shoppers are very price conscience and try to get the very best deal. Getting a great coupon from a favorite online merchant may or may not entice a buyer to make a purchase. Most of the email I receive with these coupon offers, I delete. However, I do have a list in my mind of things I would like to buy. If I see an offer for something on my list, I will often click on the coupon offer for more information.

Playing the coupon game often takes many coupon offers in order to get a buyer. However, merchants with opt in email list often are rewarded with sales. Nevertheless, merchants who send too many emails will often get their emails marked as spam by buyers.

Facebook Announces IPhone Camera App

In a move anticipated and expected by most industry observers, Facebook has announced the launch of a camera/photo-taking app, appropriately named, Facebook Camera, the Associated Press is reporting via Bloomberg Business Week. The move was expected because Facebook spent a billion dollars on Instagram, an app that does the same thing. What’s surprising says the Telegraph, is the speed with which Facebook has taken advantage of what Instagram has to offer. Facebook’s announcement was more of a show than a tell, as no official word was released by the company. Instead, the company simply made the app available to the iTunes store and shortly thereafter, plans to do the same with the Android store giving non-Apple Smartphone users the same kind of service.

Newsday explains the point of the app is to save customers’ steps when posting photographs to their page on Facebook. Instead of having to take a picture, save it to the phone, log into Facebook and then post, the app allows users to post a picture to their page as soon as they have taken it, saving both time and some work. Another reason for hurrying the application the Telegraph says is because Facebook felt the need to outpace Pinterest, a rival picture posting app, which could swipe some of Facebook’s revenue if users begin using it instead of a Facebook app to post their pictures to the leading social networking site.

Newsday says that Facebook Camera wasn’t actually developed by Instagram but uses technology that is so similar that the company had to buy the company in order to prevent being sued for copyright infringement, and that was how it was able to deliver the app so quickly. Proof they say is the fact that the sale hasn’t officially been completed yet, which means Facebook hasn’t yet gained access to Instagram developer code.

The Telegraph says that the new app, which is free to download, allows users to post multiple pictures at once if they choose, and also has other standard features such as photo editing and tagging. One major difference between the Facebook app and Instagram, however, is that the Facebook app works only with Facebook, whereas Instagram worked with a variety of social networking sites. Thus, once the sale is complete, users that have been using Instagram to post to other sites will be out of luck unless Facebook decides to allow Instagram to exist in its present form as a separate product. To know more features of real instagram video views click here. It is an easy way to get going on Instagram quickly. You get more activity on your videos which is going to make your profile more visible on Instagram.

Here’s How You can Play Neo Geo Games on a Computer

The Neo Geo was a good gaming system, but it was plagued by a large price tag of about $600. The cost of the hardware made the Sega Genesis, Nintendo and even the Atari a more attractive option over the Neo Geo.

The price tag, however, did not prevent the system from garnering a large fanbase, and many individuals hold fond memories of late nights playing the sophisticated system. Working Neo Geo consoles in good condition are getting harder to find – the earliest units are nearly 20 years old, and the devices are naturally beginning to break down.

Luckily, the Neo Geo is able to live on through modern technology using emulators. Emulators are essentially virtual consoles that use your computer as the hardware. Emulators play ROM files, which are digital versions of those old cartridges. Older consoles like the Neo Geo, Nintendo, and Sega Genesis can all run smoothly and easily on any modern computer.

If you would like to play your favorite Neo Geo games on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer, wear your nerdy shirts and read on to find out how.

Items Needed:

  • Computer
  • Emulator
  • ROMs
  • JoystickStep 1: To run a Neo Geo emulator smoothly, your computer must have these minimum specifications: 500MHz process, 512MB of RAM, 1024 x 800 resolution.

This is far below what most modern computers are, so if your machine was manufactured in the last few years, it should be fine. Ideally, you the computer would have a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.

You will also need a USB joystick, or a console controller with an adapter for normal USB ports. The joystick should have at lease four buttons and a D-pad to allow for normal game play.

Step 2: Assuming your computer meets the minimum specifications needed, download and install a Neo Geo emulator. The one needed will depend on the operating system you run.

For Windows, I recommend downloading Nebula, a fantastic Neo Geo emulator that even allows Net Play.

If you’re running Mac OS X, then GeoMAME is the best emulator choice for you. It is a port of KBMAME for Mac, and it is compatible with Mac 8 and higher.

For Linux users, the best option is GNGeo for arcade versions of the Neo Geo games, and Mednafen for other Neo Geo games.

Step 3: Now that you have the emulator needed for your system, download some ROMs by doing an Internet search. Be sure to only download legal ROMs.

Step 4: Plug your joystick into your computer and start the emulator your installed. Choose the OPTIONS setting and configure your joystick. Do this by clicking the on-screen button, and then pressing the button on the controller you would like it to control. Repeat until all the relevant buttons are mapped.

Step 5: Now start up a ROM and make sure that it plays correctly.

Gaming: Addiction Or Pass Time?

It seems in this day and age, video games are simply a part of life. Online games have become more and more popular. In a world that revolves around computers it really isn’t that surprising. More and more people are finding themselves sucked into the world of online games. Often, I find myself asking, is gaming addictive? When do you cross that fine line between pass time to addiction?

The MMORGP game known as World of Warcraft is currently one of the major online games right now. I shamefully admit that I was one of the many that got sucked up into this game. My husband sat me down at the computer one day and “made” me play the game . . . Next thing I knew he was buying me my own computer so he could play beside me instead of having to fight with me over the computer. Not only did he drag me into the “gaming world,” I also manage to get several of my friends and my brother into the game. You should check out situs judi online terpercaya 2019 to learn more tips about how you can control yourself from getting addicted to games. You can even look for a wide variety of games that you can enjoy as you look online.

When people think of “gamers” they think of teenage boys sitting in their parent’s basement but that’s not always the case. Perhaps we should start picturing thirty-something, married, fathers and mothers. A lot of people that play the games are indeed adults. Video games are no longer the toys of children but those of the older generations as well.

I remember when I first started playing, I was shocked to find out that there were quite a few people playing the game that were older then me (the ripe old age of 26). When talking with other gamers I’ve learned, more often then not, they don’t simply play to play. Somewhere along the way, online games have simply become the place to socialize.

As a writer and a college student, I find myself sitting at my computer a lot. If I’m not changing a diaper, cooking or cleaning, I’m usually at my computer typing something out. Of course, while at my computer I have to log onto every possible messenger I have. This included the large online chat box known as World of Warcraft.

If you’re not careful, it’s so easy to get sucked into games such as these. It really was amazing to see so many of the same people on almost all the time. I often asked them if they slept at all (I stopped sleeping when I had twins). I was shocked at how many people admitted to going straight to the computer and logging on the game the minute they wake up . . . “Just to see what’s going on.” Many people told me that the video game is their social life. I also heard, “There’s just nothing else to do,” a lot of the time.

I remember watching a clip about a mother’s trouble with her gaming addicted son. All this boy did was play video games all day. He even dropped out of high school because it was cutting into his gaming time. I don’t know about anyone else but I for one would drag my son kicking and screaming to school if need be . . . After selling the computer.

If not for me, I believe my husband could easily become one of those gamer addicts. Sometimes he grumbles a bit when I drag him from a game, “forcing” him to come with me and the kids to the park. But . . . then again, he grumbles at me about taking out the trash too.

Video games are a fun pass time but that’s what they should remain . . . A pass time. When you find yourself thinking more about a game then the people around you, you really should step back and analyze the effect it’s having on your life. In a world where games, cell phones, emails and instant messages are so much a part of our lives . . . We need to hang on to real human contact. Go out with friends, play with your children, cuddle with your significant other, and turn off the video game.

Can Mental Health Be Improved Through Games? 5 Tips To Try!

People of all age groups in the world would’ve come across certain parts of their life wherein their mental health would be in ruins and certain games are here to help you rebuilt your mental health back to its happy state.

What can be avoided?

Even while gaming, there are certain cautions to be kept at hand, if you are trying to regain your pieces as excess of this can definitely cause more harm than good. While choosing games, try and avoid games which are played only in groups as where there are groups there is extra stress and unavoidable noising involved. Also trying to avoid games which deal with realism as this can lead to a more stressful environment when compared to other childish or fun games which are easy to play as well as apt to calm your nerves.

Games to follow

You can keep an eye out for online short or mini games which are often labeled as fun and childish but also is widely available in most platforms such as Worlds Factory. While being online it is much easier to spot more fun options and to necessarily switch according to your personal convenience. Games which are offline also are calming such as board games like scrabble where in your only competitor is you and you can use your creativity and thinking ability in order to turn the game results in your favor.

In order to get your mental health back on track, you can also seek help from your family or friends and invite them over for a board game or two thereby earning companionship which will eventually give you the idea that you have people to talk to and to connect with rather than facing your struggles alone.

Read before Playing: Online Gamer’s Perspective on Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 is sure to please the online gamers, although the release date has now pushed back until Fall of 2011, they are making further changes with the online multi-player. Epic has many new changes they are working on to make Gears of War 3 a huge success, online gamers will be happy to see just how much devotion they are putting into the last installment of the trilogy.

These changes make Gears of War series a worthy break from simple relaxing games like Agen Judi online. It promises action-packed gaming which is a lot different than its predecessors.

Many Online Changes

There are a variety of adjustments being made to Gears of War 3 that are sure to impress the online gamers. One is you can you use a downed opponent as a shield but now you also can slap a grenade on them, kick ’em back to their boys and let them take the true heat.

When online gamers play war zone they can use your Y button to tag opposing teammates for three seconds, allowing your team to see where the stealthy are hiding. Another great change for Gears of War 3 is the ability to self revive by rapidly tapping the A button, now you do not have to crawl to your teammates and beg for help.

War zone will be played a bit differently this time but should make things even more interesting then they already are. Each team of online gamers will get fifteen re-spawns and after those are used up you die, your out.

Welcome to Team Death match, online gamers have been asking for Death match and now it is becoming a reality. A free for all where all the Gears of War 3 players gang up on each other to see who is left as the champion, gather your friends and be ready for one bloody massacre.

Girl Characters

Perhaps my favorite addition to Gears of War 3 is the ability to play as a girl, it is about time they made this change for all the dedicated girl gamers out there. If you are on the Locust team you will now have the option to be Queen Myrrah and if you are on the COG team you can play as Bernie ” Boomer” Mataki while enjoying online gaming.


Gears of War is making online gamers work for it now, if you want to show off you are going to have to prove you have what it takes. Earn various unlock-ables throughout your game play to have your bragging rights. These unlock-ables will change your guns colors, battle cries, execution kills, and much more.

Best of All

Say goodbye lag and disconnects, from hosts with poor connections! Epic is installing new servers to handle the massive online gaming that is Gears of War. Sure to make many online gamers happy, but those who do not have the talent will now have to find something else to blame it on.

Gears of War 3 might be the end of the trilogy, but the creators have said that more Gears games are in the thought process, just what online gamers wanted to hear.

The graphics, multi-player, and storyline all add up to one heck of a game. No wonder online gamers across the globe join forces to team up against each other daily. Gears of War 3 has been nominated for the Most Anticipated Game, the winner to announced at the Spike VGAs December, 2010, a must watch for online gamers.

New Designer Leather Handbags From The Dooney & Amp; Bourke Zebra Collection

Dooney  amp; Bourke introduces the most fashionable and wild collection of leather handbags this season. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Women’s Leather Handbag Collection features exotic zebra prints, amazing leather patterns, and classic details. Here are a few of the newest designer handbags from the Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Leather Handbag Collection. You can read more here about handbags. You get the best quality handbags at affordable prices. These designer handbags are latest and trendy, they even add to your fashion statement as well.

New Designer Leather Handbags from the Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Collection: Zebra Juliette Bag

Get wild this season with the Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Juliette Bag. This beautiful safari inspired leather handbag has a multi purpose one inside zip pocket, a convenient cell phone pocket, zipper closure, Dooney  amp; Bourke hanging leather logo tag, short top handle, allover zebra print design, Dooney  amp; Bourke leather front logo plate and detachable leather strap. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Juliette Bag is beautifully lined and is made of leather. This stunning designer leather handbag is available in colors red, brown, brown t-moro, mustard and british tan.

New Designer Leather Handbags from the Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Collection: Zebra Medium Sac

The Dooney  amp; Bourke Medium Sac has plenty of room for business and personal belongings with the look of classic style. This medium leather handbag has a spacious inside zip pocket, inside key hook, a handy cell phone pocket, magnetic closure for easy access, a medium leather top handle, leather accents, detachable strap and Dooney  amp; Bourke front signature logo plate. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Medium Sac is made of leather and is available in colors red, brown, mustard and british tan.

New Designer Leather Handbags from the Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Collection: Zebra Tear Drop Hobo

Jump into the fashion jungle in style with the Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Tear Drop Hobo. This stunning zebra print handbag has a convenient cell phone pocket, one outside pocket with snap closure for extra storage, a generous one inside pocket, inside key hook, an adjustable leather shoulder strap with dog hook, a red fabric lining, short leather handle, allover zebra print and Dooney  amp; Bourke hanging leather logo tag. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Tear Drop Hobo is made of leather and is available in colors red, british tan, brown t-moro and mustard.

New Designer Leather Handbags from the Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Collection: Zebra Satchel

The Dooney  amp; Bourke Satchel has a well-designed pattern with a hint of wild. This fashionable leather handbag has a generous cell phone pocket, inside key hook, a convenient cell phone pocket, a detachable/adjustable leather strap with dog hook, short leather top handle, Dooney  amp; Bourke signature hanging logo leather tag and a red fabric lining. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Satchel is made of leather and is available in the colors red, british tan, brown t-moro and mustard.

For more Dooney  amp; Bourke Zebra Leather handbags, visit Dooney  amp; Bourke online or your local upscale department store.

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