/Play The Coupon Game To Save Money

Play The Coupon Game To Save Money

Playing the coupon game has become very popular. The coupon game involves merchants offering the best coupons to buyers to entice them to buy from their store instead of their competitors shop. With the US economy in trouble, people are looking for ways to save money in a time of financial uncertainty. Playing the coupon game can be rewarding for both buyers and sellers. Online coupon codes are becoming ever more popular. Online merchants play a big part in the coupon game. As buyers shop the internet to find the best price for the items that they are purchasing, retailers know that an offer of free shipping or a 10 percent off coupon may help get a sale from a customer who otherwise may buy from an online competitor.

Using coupons can often save you money this holiday season. During Christmas season, every day I receive at least 5 to 10 coupon offers from online retailers that or hoping to win the coupon game and get more sales. Some online stores will send me an email everyday with a different coupon offer. Email subject lines I received recently contained text such as:

25 % off any clothing item if you buy within the next two days.

$10 off your next $50 purchase.

Free shipping if your order this week.

$25 free gift card with a $100 purchase.

Extra 25% off Select Apparel! TODAY ONLY.

Private Sale – Rewarding up to $200 instantly.

50% off All 2008 Products.

First month is free when you rejoin.

Special Purchases, Enjoy Exceptional Savings: Up to $550 off Select Products.

This holiday shop and send gifts online.

Shop Doorbusters/2-Day Sale, Friday to Sunday.

Friends  amp; Family Enjoy 25% Off.

This game coupon feels like I was playing ninjaqq. I was really eager to win and get the reward. But before that, I have to play skillfully and wisely first.

Each email offer usually requires a buyer to enter a coupon code. The coupon game is a way for retailers to offer merchandise at lower prices without competing directly on price with their competitors. Retailers often wish to avoid a direct price war and therefore the coupon game is a great alternative for bargain hunting online shoppers.

Smart shoppers benefit from the coupon game by saving a few dollars here and there. Most internet shoppers are very price conscience and try to get the very best deal. Getting a great coupon from a favorite online merchant may or may not entice a buyer to make a purchase. Most of the email I receive with these coupon offers, I delete. However, I do have a list in my mind of things I would like to buy. If I see an offer for something on my list, I will often click on the coupon offer for more information.

Playing the coupon game often takes many coupon offers in order to get a buyer. However, merchants with opt in email list often are rewarded with sales. Nevertheless, merchants who send too many emails will often get their emails marked as spam by buyers.

David Berin is a graduate of Multi-Media Arts in the University of Caloocan and Laguna. He started working as a digital marketer in different media companies.