/Polarized Sunglasses 101- Top Facts To Know

Polarized Sunglasses 101- Top Facts To Know

Polarized sunglasses help to eliminate the blinding glare of sun. Glare happens when light waves bounce off the reflective surfaces, like a polished car bumper, snowy hillside or a lake. As these are horizontal surfaces, light gets reflected horizontally- resulting in a blinding glare for anyone before it. Now, polarized sunglasses are treated with some special chemical. This very chemical is especially laminated in vertical pattern. The vertical pattern is able to block light successfully and hence can effectively reduce glare.


How does it work?

As mentioned previously, polarized sunglasses carry a special kind of chemical. When a person wears polarized shades, the chemical-laminated surface filters out horizontal light beams effectively which helps to minimize glare. It’s to note here, not all polarized sunglasses are created equal. The cheaper ones carry a thin layer which is short-lived and ineffective. Thus, it’s better to go for premium double layered polarized shades- like the polarized แว่นกันแดด Oakley– to ensure the best benefits of polarized sunnies.

Benefits of polarized sunglasses

First of all, polarized shades help to reduce glare that improves visual clarity. If you are driving in daytime or skiing in snow or rowing in a lake, you will need polarized glasses for clear and comfortable vision. Then, these kinds of sunglasses are good for those who suffer headaches from light sensitivity. Put simply, polarized lenses assure less intense and fewer occurrences of headaches when you are out in the sun.

Added to visual clarity, polarized glasses help to increase visual acuity and contrast. These lenses enable the wearer to see clear and better which also works to minimize eye strain. They help to keep the eyes healthy and make things more comfortable for the user.

Just make sure to invest in a pair of high quality polarized sunglasses from a reputed brand.

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