/Read before Playing: Online Gamer’s Perspective on Gears of War 3

Read before Playing: Online Gamer’s Perspective on Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 is sure to please the online gamers, although the release date has now pushed back until Fall of 2011, they are making further changes with the online multi-player. Epic has many new changes they are working on to make Gears of War 3 a huge success, online gamers will be happy to see just how much devotion they are putting into the last installment of the trilogy.

These changes make Gears of War series a worthy break from simple relaxing games like Agen Judi online. It promises action-packed gaming which is a lot different than its predecessors.

Many Online Changes

There are a variety of adjustments being made to Gears of War 3 that are sure to impress the online gamers. One is you can you use a downed opponent as a shield but now you also can slap a grenade on them, kick ’em back to their boys and let them take the true heat.

When online gamers play war zone they can use your Y button to tag opposing teammates for three seconds, allowing your team to see where the stealthy are hiding. Another great change for Gears of War 3 is the ability to self revive by rapidly tapping the A button, now you do not have to crawl to your teammates and beg for help.

War zone will be played a bit differently this time but should make things even more interesting then they already are. Each team of online gamers will get fifteen re-spawns and after those are used up you die, your out.

Welcome to Team Death match, online gamers have been asking for Death match and now it is becoming a reality. A free for all where all the Gears of War 3 players gang up on each other to see who is left as the champion, gather your friends and be ready for one bloody massacre.

Girl Characters

Perhaps my favorite addition to Gears of War 3 is the ability to play as a girl, it is about time they made this change for all the dedicated girl gamers out there. If you are on the Locust team you will now have the option to be Queen Myrrah and if you are on the COG team you can play as Bernie ” Boomer” Mataki while enjoying online gaming.


Gears of War is making online gamers work for it now, if you want to show off you are going to have to prove you have what it takes. Earn various unlock-ables throughout your game play to have your bragging rights. These unlock-ables will change your guns colors, battle cries, execution kills, and much more.

Best of All

Say goodbye lag and disconnects, from hosts with poor connections! Epic is installing new servers to handle the massive online gaming that is Gears of War. Sure to make many online gamers happy, but those who do not have the talent will now have to find something else to blame it on.

Gears of War 3 might be the end of the trilogy, but the creators have said that more Gears games are in the thought process, just what online gamers wanted to hear.

The graphics, multi-player, and storyline all add up to one heck of a game. No wonder online gamers across the globe join forces to team up against each other daily. Gears of War 3 has been nominated for the Most Anticipated Game, the winner to announced at the Spike VGAs December, 2010, a must watch for online gamers.

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