/Review: Conquer Online MMORPG

Review: Conquer Online MMORPG

So you’re looking for an online game, but products such as World of Warcraft do not interest you or just take up too much space. You can always choose to play something as simple as Bandarqq. You’re browsing for other games, and you come across Conquer Online, which appears to be marketed as the best game on the web, with many quests and ways to have fun. Do not get sucked in too fast, however, because the game is full of flaws.

Let us start out with the graphics of the game. Everything is 2D, meaning all characters are basically flat and very boring. The skills are pretty plain and there is not much complication to the game. Every skill you use in the game is basically a right click of the mouse. The only hard part about these skills is the fact that some are really hard, almost impossible to train, and there is absolutely no fun to it at all. When it comes to the graphics and skill training, I give this game a 2/5 stars.

Now lets get into questing and NPC interaction. Now I understand that this game is supposed to be based on chinese culture and whatnot, the NPC’s do not speak english very well. You will occasionally talk to an NPC that says such things as “Make Bald”, which basically means you want your character to have a shaved head. Obviously this is broken english. Questing on the game is really boring and usually involves jumping or running all over the map looking for other NPC’s to talk to. When it comes to questing and NPC interaction, I give the game a 1/5 stars.

Now one of the most important things you need to know about, leveling. Leveling is boring as well in this game because you do the same thing over and over. For example, with the melee classes, you just click a monster and watch yourself whack away at it with your weapon of choice. When the monster is dead, you click another monster. Repeat this for several hours. When it comes to leveling, I give this game a 2/5 stars, because the first half of leveling isn’t bad, but leveling in the higher levels is very boring.

Finally, a fun part to the game. This server is open PK, which means you can kill players on any open map besides the “noobie” maps such as Twin City. This is your chance to prove how good your gear and skills are. For carefree pking, it’s suggested to go to jail or the PK arena. If you do decide to PK people outside, there are consequences, and you could go red or black and drop equipment if killed. When it comes to the PK system, I give the game a 5/5 stars, because of its expanded guild war system and ability to PK others where you want.

So by now you should have a good overlook of the game and what you should expect when you log on. Personally, I like the game. If you have patience and you can level your character, it will pay off when it comes time for you to PK and attend guild war.

David Berin is a graduate of Multi-Media Arts in the University of Caloocan and Laguna. He started working as a digital marketer in different media companies.