/Roach Control 101 – The Best 3 Tips in Avoiding These Pests

Roach Control 101 – The Best 3 Tips in Avoiding These Pests

Cockroaches are disgusting. Yet they’ve been living around us ever since we can remember. They just don’t seem to disappear even if we’ve sprayed them with pesticide, put up traps and clean our surroundings. This is why they are known as pests. You can’t just seem to get rid of them.

But all hope is not lost. They say you can’t avoid cockroaches from living in your homes. And while that may be true, you can still do the necessary measures to avoid them from creeping into your place. If you know the proper ways to eliminate roaches or even just to avoid them, then you might find less of these pests coming into your home.

Below are a few tips you can follow:

Food Storage

If you’re the type to leave food in your room, chances are roaches will be around. They’re attracted to where the crumbs are.

Minimize the places where you store your food. For instance, keep all consumables in the kitchen only. This way, they won’t have any reason to creep up into your rooms and if you do spot any of these pests, it will only be in one area than around your house.

Also remember to dispose of your garbage properly and frequently. Keep your trash bins clean. Leftover food might get stuck at the bottom leading to some residue. So wash it regularly to avoid these roaches from being attracted to them.

Fix Cracks, Holes and Leaks

If you find cockroaches scurrying anywhere inside your home, you might have a crack or hole along your walls. Seal up these cracks as soon as you can to prevent them from entering your homes. Fix up leaks as well in your bathroom or anywhere where there’s plumbing since roaches are attracted to moisture.

Pest Control

Even if you haven’t spotted any of these pests at the moment, it’s best to call in pest control for a regular spray and check-up. Contact www.spartanpestcontrol.com if you’re in the Canada area as they’re known to fix this problem for you.

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