/Selecting The Right Vinyl For Your Job

Selecting The Right Vinyl For Your Job

Vinyl is an amazing material with which you can print the design of your choice on the material of your choice for almost free. This practice is very popular these days, if you want to give this a shot and if you have read some HTV reviews, then you probably know that there are multiple types to choose from so here is a guide to help you select the right vinyl.

Craft Vinyl is of two basic types:

Adhesive Vinyl

It is a pressure sensitive adhesive that can be used on any soft or hard surface. It is a very thin and flexible material that can be cut into any shape.

Heat transfer Vinyl

It is also similar but the difference is that it is heat activated and can work with any surface that can stand heat, that includes fabric.

There are two broad categories under Adhesive Vinyl

  1. Permanent Outdoor Vinyl

It is perfect for outdoor uses like signs, car decals, mugs and other items that are used roughly. These are very glossy and despite being called permanent, these can be removed but the process may cause damage to the wall.

  1. Removable Indoor Vinyl

It is for wall decals or indoor signs or for any use that requires temporary design transfer.

You can also find vinyl in very specific categories too, like

  • Etched Glass Vinyl
  • Metallic Vinyl (Can be used for mugs and cups and other ceramics)
  • Glitter Vinyl (Can be used for beautiful phone cases)
  • Patterned Vinyl
  • Glow in the Dark Vinyl
  • Chalkboard Vinyl
  • Stencil Vinyl
  • Printable Adhesive Vinyl
  • Transparent Vinyl

You can select the type of vinyl you want and it is advised to use temporary ones at first as their adhesive is not very strong and little mistakes can be made up for without any damage.

David Berin is a graduate of Multi-Media Arts in the University of Caloocan and Laguna. He started working as a digital marketer in different media companies.