/Some Mario Kart Tour Tips & Tricks That You Should Know

Some Mario Kart Tour Tips & Tricks That You Should Know

The Mario kart tour game is an interesting game for everyone. In which you have different interesting vehicles when going for a long tour drive. This is a challenging game in which you have to collect coins to get items that are used for reducing the hindrances. And you have zigzag track while driving the vehicle. There are so many characters you can play with any of them. This game possesses nice graphics and audio quality which makes the player have fun.

The tricks and tips for playing this game

One of the needed things for playing this game very well is balancing. This is the kind of racing game. In this tour game you have so many up slopes and down slopes, where you can lose your balance. For that, you have to make ensure that every control mode is turned off in setting. Once you do that then the game becomes more joyful for you.

In this game the virtual opponents who always try to create hindrance in your track. For that, you have to collect many coins. By using the coins you can purchase items like booster, and bombs which are used to kill your opponent players.

There are many shields available in this game. Then you are suggested to have shields like banana and green shell. This shell is very hard for your opponents. The other special items are baby peach and daisy bubbles. These items help when you need to jump on the track. These items give you a huge airtime.

So the Mario kart tour game is one of the best games among the players. This possesses nice graphics and audio quality. There are many items that you have to purchase by using coins. So you have to collect lots of coins to make this game joyful or you can download from colossalcheats.

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