/The Origin of the Board Games

The Origin of the Board Games

This one is for those watching all the episodes of Stranger Things. If you noticed the story is set back to the 80s. Let’s say that young people back in the days were more imaginative. And speaking about imagination, you might have noticed the middle-schoolers were into board games. The game they’re playing is Dungeons and Dragons. Thanks to that TV series, board games are back again. Perhaps it’s the harsh glade of mobile phones that make young people prefer real games as opposed to virtual ones.

So now that board games are back in fashion, a lot of its aspects are cropping up. Like for example, its origin. No, it’s not invented in the 80s. It goes further. Thus, people become fascinated by its origin and how it came to be. You see, many board games are part of the same umbrella — namely, chess and checkers game. Then there are strategy games like Dungeons and dragons. Board games are divided into two types  – the game of speed and the game of tactics. The third is the combination of the two. Luck is introduced in the form of dice. Luck places a big part in this because it presents the excitement of the unknown.

Mesopotamian Origin

Archeological findings suggest that board games go back as early as the Mesopotamian period. Sumerians have already mastered board games, and it was one of the favorite pastimes in those days. The same strategy applied in those games, and they engaged people of all ages.

Further Origin

There are recent findings that suggest the obscure more ancient origin of board games. Perhaps we can say that it’s been around since the dawn of civilization.


Board games continue to be popular. It is not showing signs of extinction. For more info, Google nonton liga spanyol, for more board games.

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