/The Real Reason Why Lyric Videos Are Still A Trend

The Real Reason Why Lyric Videos Are Still A Trend

Lyric videos are one of the most popular and most streamed videos on the internet. It all started when Youtube was first introduced on the internet. There are no streaming platforms available back then, so people instead use Youtube to stream their songs. But there was a major problem, the only music that was uploaded back then were all music videos. Other songs that were included in a specific album were nowhere to be found. So people instead make videos that have music and lyrics on it, until it becomes a trend. These videos are still popular and have thousands of views. The main question is, what is the reason why lyric videos are still trending? Let’s find out.

Karaoke-like video

Lyric videos are also made so that people can sing along with the song while it’s playing. Its style of being a karaoke-like made it popular to the audiences. Why listen to a song and search for it on another tab when you can just view the lyric video itself so you can sing the lyrics along with the tune.

Availability of all of the songs

The availability of songs that didn’t make the cut on making it as a music video made the lyric videos a real hit on the internet. Not all of the songs were available at that time, but making lyric videos solve this problem because of its demand. You can listen to the song you want and see the lyrics of the song itself on the screen.

Until now, a lot of people are still making these kind of videos. Creating them with unique typesetting for the lyrics on the screen made it feel like a free karaoke video on the internet. It is also much better than even buy lyric video or karaoke discs on various productions.

David Berin is a graduate of Multi-Media Arts in the University of Caloocan and Laguna. He started working as a digital marketer in different media companies.