/Tiff To Pdf Converter: Pros And Cons

Tiff To Pdf Converter: Pros And Cons

Tiff to PDF converter is an excellent tool and you can it get it for Google Chrome here. Here are a few pros and cons of this tool.


No Registration required

TIFF to PDF converter does not require registration. This means that it can be used without logging in or creating an account. No need to remember passwords or anything, just go to the tool and use it as much as is required.

It is free

TIFF to PDF converter runs on ads, so it is absolutely free for the users and they can just add it to chrome and use it for a lifetime without paying even a single penny.

It is easy to use

Tiff to PDF converter is super easy to use. Just open it, select the file and then GO! With very simple user interface, TIFF to PDF converter is designed in a way that it using it is a piece of cake.


The Tool is available as an addon for PCs.

Unfortunately, this amazing tool can only be used as a chrome addon and not as a mobile app. This also means that it requires an active internet connection to work.

There is a limit.

The tool comes with a daily limit of 50 conversions. This means a user can convert .tiff to .pdf only fifty times in a day. It is not very helpful if the user demands bulk conversions.

The tool is ad based.

To stay free of cost, the tool makes money from ads. Although the ads are not annoying and do not cover a lot of space, their presence can still be annoying to some people.

These were some pros and cons of TIFF to PDF converter. This tool is perfect for those people who don’t need bulk conversion.

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