/Tips On Installing And Fitting Sinks Or Basins

Tips On Installing And Fitting Sinks Or Basins

This article will provide tips on removing old basin or sink, doing the proper measurements for the new one and lastly, installing and fitting a new bathroom sink. Bathroom basins, generally known as sinks, are among the simplest stuff to set up if you know what you are doing. By following the tips listed below, you will be guaranteed a properly installed sink regardless of whether it is a typical pedestal stone basin or perhaps a wall hung one.

  1. Tips on the removal of the old basins or sinks

Shut off the water supply prior to starting any work. You should turn off the water pipes before disconnecting the drain from the old basin. You can use a knife in removing the silicone connecting the basin to the wall. After doing that, you can now carefully pull the old sink away. Be sure to unscrew all screws before doing this.

Once you are done, proceed with the measurements of the new sink you will be installing.

  1. Tips on installing new basins or sinks

Cautiously place your sink in position and draw the outline on the walls using a pencil. Place your bathroom basin in position and mark it using a pencil. Make certain that it is correctly arranged first simply by using a spirit level to obtain the middle. Be sure to handle the basin properly at this point, as it can be easily damaged when it is in the process of installation.

  1. Tips after the basin or sink are installed

Be sure to seal the sink with the wall using silicone. Additionally, check the water if it is running properly on the sink and if the drain is properly working without any obstructions. Also, be sure that you have screwed the sink properly to the wall.

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