/To Make A Drill Press At Home- Follow These 7 Steps

To Make A Drill Press At Home- Follow These 7 Steps

A drill press is an electrical machine that is used to do a hole in woods or on walls. It is a tool that is mostly used by mechanics, but in today it is seen in most of the house too. Because it makes the work easier and can be done at home only without the help of any mechanic. The drill press is way too expensive whether you buy online or from any retail store and drill machine can be built at home only that will provide you greater accuracy.

Let us know the steps on how to create the drill press at home itself:-

  1. The plan about how to make a drill press. At first, you’ll need to cut a cube box of wood or plywood. As it can be easy to tighten up and disassemble in case if needed and also you can connect the column directly to it. So it would act up as a drill press table.
  2. In this step, we will decide what things are necessary to make the drill press. The things will be screws, table leg, glues, silicon sheets, spring, and hooks. The main tools will be measuring tool, screwdriver, drill, and a handsaw.
  3. You need to connect the column to the base according to the measurements. Then make the cube by cutting the wood according to the marked points.
  4. Now, you need to assemble the pieces of the column and screw them in a good manner.
  5. Now make the spacers and attach them with the glue.
  6. Time to make the feet and for this you need the four pieces of wood and drill them with a drill machine.
  7. Now connect the feet to the drill press of yours with the glue and by using the screws.

By following the above steps, you can successfully make a drill press at home only.

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