/Vacuum Cleaner Specifications: What Do They Mean?

Vacuum Cleaner Specifications: What Do They Mean?

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner is not an easy task, most people buy them without any thought and without even understanding the specifications.

Here is a guide that will help in understanding some specifications so when you buy a vacuum cleaner, you know what you’re doing.

  1. Airflow

It is one of the most important specifications. It is the measure of the force by which air sucks the dust and sends it to the bag. Higher is the airflow, better is the cleaning capacity. Always choose the vacuum cleaner with greater Airflow.

  1. Water Lift or Sealed Section.

It is the measure of the amount of water the vacuum cleaner will lift in an inch-wide column of water. Higher water lift means more power to pick up dust and to overcome resistance. Greater waterflow is a desirable specification for a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Cleaning tools.

Vacuum cleaners come with multiple cleaning tools and each is made for a different kind of material and floor. While buying a vacuum cleaner one must make sure that cleaning tools suitable to the cleaning area are included.

  1. Filtration

Filtration is very important as well but vacuum cleaners with very advanced filtration cost more and are not always affordable. Otherwise higher filtration is preferred.

  1. Capacity

It refers to the capacity of the dust bag. Higher capacity or bigger dust bag means better air flow. So, if everything else is same, the vacuum cleaner with bigger bag will be more efficient.

While choosing a vacuum these specifications must be considered.

Dyson V10 vacuums or Aspirapolvere Dyson v10 is are preferable vacuum cleaners and are highly recommended. The specifications are very impressive; it comes with many tools, has great airflow and filtration.

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