/What Are The Best Guns In Pubg Mobile?

What Are The Best Guns In Pubg Mobile?

PUBG is the rage today in terms of mobile gaming. This is because PUBG has a lot of great things to offer to players. From simplicity to crazy graphics, story gameplay and so many more, it is no doubt why PUBG is on the peak today. But one of the important factors of its success is the nature of the game. PUBG is a battle game and a lot of gamers are into this kind of mobile game category. As such, if you are a player of this spectacular game, you certainly need to survive to be able to win and be successful in the game. Hence, the best way to survive is to arm you with powerful weapon not only to protect yourself from other opponents but also to kill them. Thus, here are the best guns in PUNG mobile:


If used right and properly by the right player, Groza is one of the best guns in the game. This weapon has the ability to change the course of a game by itself. It utilizes 7.62 bullets and is only exclusive to Airdrops.


This gun is a powerful weapon in the game. It can kill a player with just a level 3 helmet through a headshot. It can cause most damage compared to other guns in the game. It is also Airdrop exclusive.


Just like AWM, M24 is another great weapon in the game. It has the abilitybto kill a player with a headshot. Another good thing about this weapon is that it can be found across the map. It utilizes 7.62 bullets and is easy to find.


When it comes to versatility, M416B is the best gun to choose. This gun is decent to use in any department. It utilizes 5.56 bullets. No pubg wallhack can surpass the versatility of M416.

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