/What Caused The Same Name To Be Referred To By Two Different Names?

What Caused The Same Name To Be Referred To By Two Different Names?

Ever wondered what the difference between football and soccer is? You might have thought you have at a certain point of time, but then got so busy in scoring a goal that you might have forgotten about it. Like in the other walks of life, it is the history of the development of the venture that decides what is it called. The geographical location also plays a huge role in the same. Such is the case with the sport that usually involves a spherical or nearly spherical ball or object, being passed from one person to another to finally put it into a position which is called a goal and gives points to the team. It is these games that keep people from not entering the world of online gambling through websites like www.qqsindo.info.

The Real Difference; Is It Just The Name?

The difference dates back to almost two centuries when the UK laid rules for what they called “Association football”. The Americans played the sport with a different set of rules and hence required a different name for the same. The other kind of football played was “Rugger football”, which later on came to be called rugby. So while the game was popularly called as football in the UK, the United States started referring to it as soccer though soccer itself was a nickname for football in the UK.

While they are considered the same, and just differentiated by name, there is a completely different version of it played in different parts of the world. The Rugger football style is much more violent than the association football style. While people handle a nearly spherical ball in the former and throw it to one another by hands, a perfectly spherical ball is passed from foot to foot in a team in the later.


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