/Which Are Better: Glasses Or Lenses? Spoiler Alert: Its Lenses!

Which Are Better: Glasses Or Lenses? Spoiler Alert: Its Lenses!

Most of us suffer from the problem of weak eyesight. The options are available in the market to help us are laser treatments, contact lenses or glasses. If you are into pranks like I am, get yourself a pair of white contact lenses and scare people off. It is hilarious, or sometimes you end up getting scolded by your mom intensely! Here I’m going to let you weigh the pros and cones of both glass and lenses yourself and choose what’s best for you!

Effects of wearing glasses:

  • These can be worn by any age group and believed to repair your vision. But you cannot wear them in active sports like firefighting or athletics. There are high chances you lose or sit/step on them and break them.
  • It is inconvenient when you are driving a bike in cold weather as they become a fog lover or in the rainy season when you don’t having anything like car wipers to wipe off the water from the glasses. Again, if you take them with you in the bathroom while having a hot shower bath, it gets fudgy too!
  • Next, comes the annoying and blood boiling names that a glass wearer is called with. You get to hear these from classmates or work mated and from your best friends for sure such as “chasmish”. It makes you uncomfortable, doesn’t it?
  • There comes the wedding season, well whether it is you getting married or are invited to one, glasses DO NOT go with your dress and look. You can choose going blind rather than going with glasses!

Effects of wearing contact lenses:

  • All the effects of glasses that you read above can be happily cured with lenses. The list that has the benefits of glass goes endless but to name a few, here it is!
  • It gives you excellent vision: the lenses are attached with your eyeball, so wherever your eye moves, the lens does too. That is how you get to have a natural and vast range of view.
  • It repairs your mild vision problems. Also, an eye lens does not get affected in cold weather or rain. It stays the same.
  • Next, you can take part in any sports confidently and don’t ignore that fact that you look good too. So go to the wedding with proper eyesight and the desired ethnic look not ruined by specs.
  • They are easy to put on and to take care of. In addition to a better sight, it offers a great look and desirable eye color.

Lastly, you need to take good care of the eyes to avoid and recover from the vision problems. This taking care can involve eating good and balanced meals. There are food sources that certain good for eyes such as carrots, green vegetables, milk and Amla. Then you can go for a walk on fresh grass with naked feet. Also taking a break from the digital screen and sprinkle eyes with water helps!

David Berin is a graduate of Multi-Media Arts in the University of Caloocan and Laguna. He started working as a digital marketer in different media companies.