/Would You Look More Beautiful With Plastic Surgery?

Would You Look More Beautiful With Plastic Surgery?

Every person aspiring for plastic surgery has this one common question in mind- “Would be I able to look more beautiful if I go under the knife?” Now, in one line, yes, plastic surgery does make one look more attractive in most of the cases. The post below shares some insights in this regard.

Helps to get rid of defects

Plastic surgery does improve looks of a person. For example, say a girl is born with cleft lips. A reconstructive plastic surgery will help her to get rid of the facial defect and improve her looks big time. Not only that, the correction surgery will also boost her confidence and confident girls are always beautiful.

Accentuates overall appeal

It’s common human psychology to judge people based on facial appearance. For example, a lovely woman with a sharp sculpted nose will always be considered to be gorgeous, dynamic and glamorous. This way, if a woman is born with a slightly flat nose, she can improve her nose with a nose job and achieve that desired glam quotient.

Studies confirm positive results

Various studies have been carried to gauge the effects of plastic surgery and most of them reinforce a positive effect. For example, a study was carried on photos of 30 women that included pictures before and post plastic surgery. The people who were asked to answer had no clue that the women had been under the knife. The pictures of post plastic surgery got higher scores in terms of likeability, femininity, attractiveness as well as social skills. Eye lift (lower) pictures received most positive reviews.

Be careful of your surgeon

The result of a plastic surgery depends largely on the surgeon who runs the knife on you. Make sure to look for a board certified plastic surgeon to avoid botched results. Your chosen surgeon should also hold enormous experience and successful track record in your surgery niche.

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