wedge mattress

Who needs to buy a bed wedge mattress

Wedge stresses are specially designed mattress that is inclined to a proper angle and has a slope. These mattresses are designed to provide extra support to certain body parts like the shoulder, the back of the legs.

These extra mattresses are very comfortable and help you to sleep properly without any discomfort. But who needs a bed wedge?

Those who suffer from acid reflux or Gerd

Propel who suffer from acid reflux are advised to sleep on an inclined bed wedge of six inches height. This mattress prevents stomach acid to travel back to the mouth and decreases the chances of heartburn at night. It also offers them extra comfort because for GERD patients, sleeping on their back on a flat surface is not a healthy habit. Your doctor will provide you with essential information and prescribe a specific wedge mattress suitable for your needs.

If you snore while sleeping

Those who have blockages inside their nasal path often breathe while they sleep. It can cause discomfort to people near them and for them also. A slightly elevated position helps to inhale and exhale better and prevents snoring. So, if you snore loudly, you can consider getting a wedge mattress or wedge pillow to get a proper sleep minus the sounds.

If you have pain in your back or shoulder or legs

People who suffer from back pain or shoulder pain or leg pain might get relief using a mattress wedge. The pain often happens because they do not get enough support while sleeping. People who sit for a long time also have higher chances of having back pain. The wedge stresses offer added comfort and the natural position of your body so that you can sleep properly.

If you have back pain or shoulder pain then, buy a mattress wedge that covers the upper portion of your body and has a shape like the natural curvature of your spine for that extra support. For leg lain use select mattresses that help you to rest your legs while you sleep.

Those who are suffering from circulation Disease

If you are a patient of circulation disease like lymphedema or PAD, then you might feel comfortable with small wedges under your legs and back. These wedges help to normalize the circulation of body fluids and keep the discomfort away.

You have undergone a surgery

Those who have recently undergone surgery then you may need to have a bed wedge to support you. This will help you to recover faster.


Pregnant women

Pregnant women can suffer from extreme back and abdominal pain in the second and third trimester of their pregnancy. A bed edge can provide them with support while they sit and also help them to sit comfortably or sleep properly without causing back pain.

Back sleepers or people who sleep on their backs can buy a mattress wedge for extra comfort. Children who have braces and need to wear it regularly may find comfort with a bed wedge. You can consult your doctor and physiotherapy expert to know more details.

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